sexta-feira, 24 de abril de 2015

Prima Design Team Call

Tomei coragem e resolvi arriscar entrar para o time de uma das minhas marcas de scrap favoritas. Sei que a concorrência é de altíssimo nível, mas estou dando meu primeiro passo. Só ganha na mega sena que aposta! Agora é só torcer!

This is my way to do the art. I don't care if the paper is past collection or not, I have fun doing scrapbooking. But for it will be perfect, in the most of case, my art has flowers and not more beautiful that use Prima Flowers's products. I know there are many ways to keep our memories in scrapbooking: project life, altered, cards, tags. But my passion always will be doing layout. It's the ideal size of love for me. I can put everything in this piece of paper. Sometimes I like mixing the colors and getting messy with a little gesso and paints. For the other hand, I like to be more clean and simple. In fact, no matter what how is my style. I believe that I don't have anyone. I have only my love to do a good art. For me and for my history.

2 comentários:

Ana Lúcia Cardoso disse...

Boa sorte!
Tens trabalhos muito giros :)

Rommel disse...

To torcendo por você!!!

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